Parse Dashboard For Android

June 13, 2018

Hi guys!

I have built an Android mobile client for Parse a few months ago. In the beginning, I made it for myself but then I realized so many people can enjoy it too.

If you didnt hear of parse is up until now, Parse is an MBaaS server allowing developers to fastly prototype client-side. Essentially it allows you to maximize the time you put on developing your app by eliminating the need to develop a server for each project. Parse was made opensource after Facebook has shut it down in 2013 and is now developed by the community

I wanted to do it for a long time, after seeing the cool parse client for iPhone I knew I just have to make one for android too :). There aren’t many features yet, here are a few:

  • View all schemas on server
  • Add multiple servers
  • Easy copy to clipboard for object fields
  • Delete objects


Interesting anecdotes

Submit a PR before coding!

I started coding this project without giving it much thought, the basic version took just one weekend. I planned on using the Parse Android SDK to fetch all the data needed, but there was one part missing: there isn’t an implementation for fetching schemas. So I decided I will implement the missing feature and submit a PR and so I did. When I was done I submitted the PR only to be declined. There was a reason it is not implemented! Schema queries require a Master Key, something the maintainers of Parse Github did not want to allow in the SDK. Sadly I had to fork my own branch from the SDK. I really wanted to contribute.. anyways, maybe next time it will go smoother.

Infinite list adapter for parse objects (lazy-parse)

Before coding the Android Parse Dashboard I had made another Parse oriented project, a library making loading and using parse objects easy. It does that by dynamically loading objects in the background allowing lists to auto-populate themselves when the user scrolls. Initially I had made it for another app of mine but afterward, it got me, this library can make coding the Parse Dashboard a breeze.

Usage example:

// Create a parse query as normal 
ParseQuery<Highscore> query = new ParseQuery<Highscore>(Highscore.class); 
query.orderByAscending("rank"); ListView listView = findViewById(; 
// Find your list view 
LazyList<ParseObject> list = new LazyList<>(query); 
// Create a new lazy list with the Highscores query 
CustomRenderAdapter adapter = new CustomRenderAdapter(this, list); 
// Let lazylist know when the user is at the end of the list and fetch more 
objects listView.setOnScrollListener(new ScrollInfiniteListener(adapter));