May 20, 2019

What’s it called?!

In china, everything has it’s own name, it dosent matter if its a brand or even a name… For example McDonald’s is màidāngláo (麦当劳) and Donald Trump is tèlǎngpǔ (特朗普).

When I just got here I wanted an app to translate between the english and chinese names but could’nt find any so I had forgot about it an continued with my life. Last week I had the idea of using Wikipedia to translate between chinese/english names, its no perfect but it is clean and easy (much esier that actually translating or holding a big dictionary). That was when https://zenmeshuo.surge.sh/ was born, Go Check It Out!

Built with Svelte

Svelte is a promising web framework, it made async loading of results and ui animations in zenmeshuo easy. https://svelte.dev/